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Marousso - Skiathos Studios
Marousso - Skiathos StudiosMarousso - Skiathos Studios

Marousso is a traditional guest house in the town of the Greek island of Skiathos with its incomparable style. It is a place to stay that combines our personal views in hospitality and decoration..
Marousso attracts its name from the traditional Skiathitian feminine version of the name of Maria but also from Santa Maria Maroussa of Asia minor (Anatolia), since our origins are from both sides of the Aegean sea. It offers 13 fully equipped rooms in the centre of Skiathos town.
We take pride in our property as attention is paid even to the smallest detail in the decoration and comfords. This way we have managed to give Marousso a simple but luxurious style while it is modern and remains traditional. The hospitality is personal and authentic! The highlight of the complex has to be the beautiful colourful and blossomed garden area.

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