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Marousso - Skiathos StudiosMarousso - Skiathos Studios

Come to Skiathos to . . .

Relax and soak up the sun on one of the islands stunning beaches, discover a sea rich with fish while diving or swimming and don’t forget to try one of the variety of water-sports available. The lace like coastline hungs more than 60 sandy beaches a where the pine clad shoreline touches the Aegean Sea.

Sail some of the ancient waterways used by the first sailors during the Bronze Age when Skiathos was a commercial crossroad. For the slightly less adventurous travel, with one of the organized excursion boat tours to discover the islands of the Northern Sporades.

Walk around the Bourtzi, a ruined Venetian castle or through the backstreets of the town as well as the many footpaths on the island, some of them hiding up to 30 centuries of history. According to Thucydides the Historian, Skiathos was inhabited from 1600 B.C. One of these footpaths leads to Kastro, here the Skiathitis found refuge from marauding pirates and Ottoman conquerors from the 16th Century up until 1820.

Explore the incredible beauty of the interior, by car, bicycle or on horseback right from the highest mountain peak, Karaflitzanaka to the very water’s edge of a secluded beach.

Travel back in time when entering the house – museum of Alexander Papadiamantis (1851 – 1911) not only a Skiathiti but for many the most famous Greek prose writer. His stories have been translated into nearly all ‘Known’ languages. His novellas present a general view of the world through the life and drama’s of the small Skiathos society of that period

Experience a ceremony in one of the churches in the town, or in one of the Monasteries of Panagia (Mother of Christ), such as Kounistra, Kechria or the tranquil surroundings of  the recently restored Evangelistria. Or perhaps soak up the atmosphere in one of the peaceful small churches dotted around the island.

Taste the Skiathitiki Mediterranean cuisine with its oven baked dishes, the sweet or savory pies but don’t miss the excellent home made sweets, which have as a basic ingredient walnuts or almonds. From ancient times the Skiathitis cultivated vines and their quality was known worldwide. Now the island also produces home made liqueur, excellent honey and olive oil.

Enjoy the town’s nightlife, when the waterfront becomes a vibrant centre of activity with restaurants and bars to cater for all tastes and nightclubs playing a wide range of music from Bouzouki to the latest pop hits

See the places Mamma Mia was filmed

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